Elevators and Vertical Lifts

Looking for an alternative to a stairlift?
Residential elevators, home lifts, and platform lifts are designed for independent living. We do it all — no outsourcing! Design, construction, and installation services for elevators and platform lifts. We'll look at your home's particulars to advise you on your options.
Residential Elevators


Quiet, reliable, and space-saving

  • Carry groceries and luggage
  • Easy mobility between floors
  • Increase property value
Through-the-floor Home Lifts

Home Lifts

Space-saving and convenient

  • No elevator shaft
  • Free-standing, no wall needed
  • Can transport two people
Vertical Platform Lifts

Inclined or Vertical
Platform Lifts

Accessibility for wheelchair users

  • Indoor or outdoor installations
  • Open platform; no confining space
  • Takes up less space than a ramp

Key Features of a Vertical Lift

Valuable Home Feature

Vertical lifts, rather traditional hoistway elevators, space-saving through-the-floor lifts, or vertical platform lifts add value and convenience to your home.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Vertical lifts can provide easy access for wheelchair users and individuals with walking aids to gain access to different levels of your home without the need to transfer to another seat (stairlift) and have multiple mobility aids on each level.

Various Price Points

Home elevators are not as expensive as most would believe — and are easily much less expensive than moving out of a home you love. With our broad product offering we can usually find the perfect solution for your budget.

Home Elevators Improve Your Quality of Life

Do you struggle going up the stairs?

Do you struggle to get up and down the stairs?

A vertical lift or elevator can provide an easy way to access your whole home. Unlike a stairlift, a vertical lift is “life-proof.”  It can allow you access to your upstairs whenever you may temporarily use a wheelchair after a surgery or an on-set of a medical condition that makes sitting, standing, walking difficult.  Its an insurance policy for the future and the convenient benefit to the present.

Do you want to avoid the big construction project of installing an elevator?

A through-the-floor lift or vertical platform lift is a quick installation. Typical installation takes as little as two days with only minor modifications to your home.  Best of all, space-saving lifts don’t take away much of the useable area inside or outside of your home.
Through-the-floor lift is a quick installation.
Need help moving things between floors?

Need help moving storage, laundry, or groceries from floor to floor?

A vertical lift is a convenient option that is becoming more common in homes. Elevators and lifts are not just for the wealthy with luxury homes. They are becoming more common for average homes as the cost of the elevator and space they take up are continuing to come down.

Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Elevators

Vertical platform lifts start near $8,000 to $10,000, and go up based on quality, options, and overall height.  Through-the-floor lifts are an affordable alternative for inside the home and can range from $20,000 to $30,000.  Traditional home elevators range from around $25,000 to $100,000 depending how much construction is needed to create the hoistway.

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