Home Ramps

What ramps do you need to help you access the space you love?

We are experts when it comes to designing the perfect ramp for your needs. Whether it be for your home or a commercial building, modular or custom, we can provide it. We can talk and walk you through the necessary lengths, widths, and slopes to meet your specific needs.

Threshold Ramps

Eliminating trip hazards in your home

  • Rubber ramps
  • Aluminum ramps
  • Lightweight foam ramps

Aluminum Ramps

Eliminate the steps with a perfect ramp

  • Folding portable ramps
  • Entry ramps
  • Modular ramp systems

Custom Ramps

Customized for your needs

  • Stained wood ramps and decks
  • Modular ramp systems
  • Poured concrete ramps

Key Features of a Ramp

Proper Slope

ADA guidelines require a 12:1 slope, but residential applications are more flexible since they don’t have to comply with ADA.


The proper material, whether it be wood, aluminum, concrete, foam, rubber, is a critical design feature that we can discuss with you.


The overall design of the ramp such as handrails, curbs, decking, balusters, finishing and supports should all be considered when installing a ramp.

Ramps Improve Your Access to Your Home or Building


Do you lose your balance when you take a step?

Maybe you are afraid of tripping or falling and a handrail is not practical. We can evaluate your stepping hazard and recommend the perfect ramp.  It could be aluminum or a custom fabricated wood ramp.  We can work with your budget and your style.

Is it difficult to navigate your home with a wheelchair or walker?

Are the thresholds getting into and around your house a challenge or dangerous? Sometimes we can modify or eliminate thresholds.  We may be able to install a small threshold ramp to eliminate a bump that is hanging you up.  Some thresholds are challenging to modify, but we have the experience and can design a perfect solution.

Do you have several steps to enter your house or building?

Do you need to comply with ADA accessibility codes or just need easier access? We are creative with ramp options.  Custom wood ramps can be stained to match your exterior or we can build with premium materials for extended life.  Maintenance-free aluminum modular ramp systems are perfect for commercial buildings or homes.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Ramps

Simple threshold ramps can range from under $100. Aluminum ramps can range from $100 – to the thousands of dollars. Wood ramps can be built for as little as $200 whereas larger straight ramps typically run $500 - $3000 depending on the materials chosen and design.

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