Stairlifts for Straight and Curved Stairs

Which stairlift is best to help you remain in the home you love?

You might not know what you need in a stairlift yet. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! See our stairlifts, explore your options, and if you still have questions, ask for a free consultation to get personalized advice.

Stairlifts for
straight stairs

For a single flight of stairs

  • Single, elegant, and customizable rail
  • Fixed on the steps, as well as the walls
  • Folds away neatly so they don't obstruct your stairs

Stairlifts for
curved stairs

Including narrow or steep spiral staircases or with several landings

  • Millimetric photo survey for a perfect fit
  • Park next to stairs, leaving clear access for others
  • Fixed to the steps or walls

Stairlifts for

Made to withstand wet and cold climates

  • Robust and completely snow-resistant and waterproof
  • Always clean and dry, thanks to the waterproof cover
  • Comes with security keys to prevent misuse

Key Features of a Stairlift

Safety Sensors

Stairlifts come with safety edges, placed around the chair and carriage. If anything is blocking the way, the stairlift will come to a quick, but gentle, stop.

Easy Seatbelt

Stairlifts are fitted with a seatbelt that you can fasten with just one hand. That means you’re able to strap yourself in easily to travel safely up and down the stairs.

Swivel to Exit

Don’t worry about getting in and out of the stairlift at the top of the stairs. Stairlifts turn and place you on the landing, forming a barrier between you and the stairs.

Stairlifts Improve Your Quality of Life


Do you need help climbing the stairs?

Get your independence back with a stairlift.
Give your loved ones back their peace of mind, too. You’re both putting yourselves in danger on the stairs when there’s a much safer option.

Are you at risk of injuring yourself?

Avoid falling and injuring yourself with a stairlift.
Once we get to a certain age, our bodies start to take longer to recover from injuries. A small injury now could cause you pain for years to come.


Does climbing the stairs hurt your knees?

Save your knees for more important things with a stairlift.
With a stairlift you can take away the pain of climbing the stairs. Stop avoiding your staircase. The worry of falling is completely taken away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stairlifts

The price of a stairlift depends on many factors. Some of those factors are related to your personal needs, and others are determined by what your stairs are like. We’re here to help you determine all of those factors, and we consider it to be part of our service, to give you free, no obligation information about the best stairlift to suit your needs. When you book a home visit we come to your house to find out about you and give you all the information you need, as well as an accurate quote for what you need. Call us now to schedule your visit and find out the price of the stairlift to fit you and your house.

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Why Trust Us for your Stairlift Needs

LiveWell Mobility is your local Houston and Galveston provider of smart, livable home solutions for those with special needs. From stairlifts and home elevators to grab bars and bathroom remodels, we do it all — big or small — to keep people safe and independent at home. We'll provide you with a free in-home consultation where we'll look at your stairs and give you options.

Straight stairs allow for the most cost-effective stairlift utilizing a smooth worry-free design that operates with and without electrical power.  The LiveWell straight stairlift provides a unique powered footrest that does not require bending down to unfold it.  The stairlift can be brought up or down automatically with a remote control.  Additional safety sensors detect and stop the chair if objects are accidentally left in the path of the lift.

Stairs with a curve or a turn can be easily fitted with a comfortable, smooth curved stairlift.  The curved stairlift glides on two parallel custom-built rails that fit your specific stairs perfectly.  One of the benefits of the curved stairlift is the ability to "park" the chair in a convenient location off the stairs.  This "parking" feature also allows for easier access to the chair at the top and bottom stairs.  Like all LiveWell stairlifts, the curved stairlift mounts to the steps, not the wall.

Outdoor stairs can be subject to additional outdoor elements of dirt, rain, salty sea air, and extreme cold.  LiveWell outdoor stairlifts are designed specifically to work durably in these conditions.  The outdoor stairlift detects obstructions and provides a safe alternative to slippery, wet stairs all year long.  The seatbelt can also be used as a cargo strap for sending groceries upstairs with the remote control.  It comes with a cover and keyed lock.